I’ve been working professionally in audio post production for broadcast and film since 1994, the same year I graduated with a BA in Media Communications.

Since then I have worked full time and freelance in Sydney and London.

My credits include TV drama FX and dialogues, longform broadcast mixing, promos, animation and film work for major productions.

I can provide services in a wide range of audio post production roles such as mixing for broadcast, FX tracklaying/sound design, dialogue editing, foley recording and editing, music composition and editing, and have provided all these services on various productions throughout the years. Click here for Credits


about me


Name: Leon Horrocks

Professional: Since 1994

Freelance: Since 1998

Qualifications: BA Media Communcations, SCU

Software Skills: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Mac OSX

Contact Details:


+61 (0) 411 235 835

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